Scientists Say They’ve Finally Got To The Bottom Of Why Wombats Have Cube-Shaped Poop

Wombats are some of the cutest members of the animal kingdom, but one thing about them has continued to baffle experts. What’s that? Well, the cuddly creatures produce poop in the shape of a cube. After decades of confusion, though, a group of experts believe that they’ve finally found the answer as to why.

There are few mysteries in the animal world that come close to touching this bizarre enigma. Think about it – science has been able to answer so many questions regarding different creatures, yet this is the thing that stumps researchers? No one could figure it out. So the wombat’s weirdly shaped poop has gotten quite a bit of online attention down the years.

But why’s this a puzzle that needs solving? Should the shape of an animal’s feces really come under this much scrutiny? Well, the curiosity stems from the fact that no other critter on the planet leaves cubed droppings behind when they relieve themselves. Wombats are on their own in that respect.

So could the shape of a wombat’s rear end have something to do with this, then? Not really – it’s round! Beginning to understand the fascination now? It’s all very odd. While the poop mystery sits at the top of the pile, though, there might well be a few other intriguing things that you didn’t know about the cute creatures as well.

Found in the wild in Australia, wombats are a type of marsupial that often live in hilly areas surrounded by trees. They’re expert diggers that can create burrows spanning 100 feet. You certainly can’t accuse them of laziness! On top of that, the adorable animals usually only come out of the ground in the evening.