40 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails That’ll Make You Read The Fine Print In The Future

There are roughly 7.8 billion people in the world – and according to website Statista, in 2019 nearly 2 billion of them bought something online. Chances are, you’re one of those digital shoppers, and you love the convenience of having a coveted item land on your doorstep after a few clicks. But not all online shopping trips end in success. Take these 40 fails as a warning: sometimes, what you get will be terribly different from what you expected, and all you can do is laugh...

40. Itty bitty backpack

According to the Twitter user who purchased this backpack from Amazon, it came with a special treat – a lollipop. It ended up being a handy tool in showing the scale of the bag online. Clearly, if intended as a schoolbag it would only be good for, say, sneaking sweets into class – not a single book would fit inside.

39. XXL fail

Twitter user Joel Rheinberger shared his online shopping fail in September 2018. He explained, “I bought an XXL – one size larger than my usual shirts.” But what he got wasn’t a roomier fit than what he wore most days. Instead, he wrote, “What arrived was made for an extra-large smurf.”

38. Can’t mask this one

The image provided of this face mask made it look like the perfect extension of a woman’s face, even if she had to cover it up mid-pandemic. Of course, what arrived didn’t come close to suiting the wearer. Instead, it gave her extremely exaggerated features and pretty much negated the point of wearing a skin-colored mask altogether.

37. Picture-in-picture

It’s not uncommon for an online seller to share a photo of their artwork hanging on a wall, just to give an idea of the size and scale of the piece. Perhaps that’s why Twitter user Cat Selzner didn’t think twice about buying this photo for her office. Turns out, though, what was on offer was a picture of a picture – a photo of the artwork hanging somewhere else. Yikes.