Cat Kept Stealing Puppies For A Reason That Shocks The Neighborhood

Canines and felines don't always get along, but in one South Carolina household, these two species interacted in a way nobody could have imagined. Yup, a cat named Miss Kitty and a dog named Smoochie seemed pretty normal until one event turned their family upside-down. Then, soon after, the animals' owner caught Miss Kitty carrying one of Smoochie's puppies across the yard — but why? She just had to find out.

A special cat

Miss Kitty wasn't your ordinary cat. Sure, she may have looked just like a regular neighborhood puss, but anyone who interacted with her knew just how much attention she commanded. And residents loved her.

Going mobile

Miss Kitty lived in a mobile home community in Seneca, South Carolina. She was an outdoor animal, and the neighborhood offered her plenty of open space to roam. So, when her owners let her out every morning, Miss Kitty did her thing.

A proud owner

And Missy Grant, one of the cat's owners, was proud of the reputation her pet had around the neighborhood. However, she admitted that Miss Kitty's demeanor changed after an unfortunate post-pregnancy incident.

A tragedy

Miss Kitty had given birth to a litter of kittens, and that should have been a joyous occasion for everyone involved — especially the proud mother. Sadly, though, every one of the kittens passed shortly after birth, leaving mom shattered.