Malia Obama Has Scored Her First Job – And She’s Heading For Hollywood

Remember Malia Obama? That little girl we saw at her dad’s first inauguration is all grown up! And if you’re already feeling old after reading that, then we have more bad news for you: Malia’s also close to graduating college. Yes, time has definitely flown. Now, the former First Daughter is headed for the bright lights of Tinseltown.

It’s all so hard to believe! Wasn’t it just yesterday that Malia was patting that Thanksgiving turkey? Not quite. She’s now an accomplished young woman with an Ivy League education. She even has a serious boyfriend: fellow Harvard student Rory Farquharson.

Ever sensible, though, Malia has reportedly already lined up her first job after college. And as you would expect, this daughter of a former president isn’t going to be slinging suds behind a bar. She’s off to Tinseltown, where her talent has an opportunity to burn brightly.

But then Malia hasn’t exactly had an ordinary life. She was just ten, you see, when she moved into the White House back in 2009. From that young age, she’s constantly been in the public eye – with all of the positives and negatives that entails. Lucky, then, that she had mom Michelle to ground her.

And the former first lady was apparently determined to raise Malia and her younger sister, Sasha, in as normal a manner as possible. This was easier said than done, though! Speaking on The Michelle Obama Podcast in 2020, the mom of two said, “One of the things that I had to learn how to negotiate was creating these boundaries with my kids in the White House. I mean... talk about being raised in a totally different world than I ever knew.”