40 Genius Cleaning Hacks That You Have To Start Using Right Now

Let’s face it: getting our homes shipshape can be a real drain. And to make things even more complicated, it seems that new products hit the shelves each week – all promising to make light work of our cleaning woes. But creating a gleaming living environment doesn’t have to be rocket science, as these awesome cleaning hacks prove. So, read on to find out how you can get rid of that soap scum in your shower in just seconds.

40. An easy way to refresh your mattress

While you probably wash your bedding on a regular basis, do you ever stop to consider the cleanliness of your mattress? Well, you probably should, as it can become laden with dead skin cells and dust mites – just as gross as it sounds. Luckily, though, a mattress is easily refreshed. Simply scatter vinegar and baking soda over the item and then leave the concoction to sit for a few hours before vacuuming it away.

39. Make cleaning toys child’s play

Considering that they spend half their time on the floor and the other half in our children’s sticky paws, toys can be a bacteria breeding ground. Thankfully, though, there’s an easy way to sanitize a whole bunch in one go: just stick them in your dishwasher! Make sure you don’t put anything made from flimsier plastic through the wash, though, or you may end up with a bunch of melted gunk that will frighten the kids.

38. Give your garbage disposal a lemon-fresh boost

When pieces of rotting food get stuck to the blades of your waste disposal, there’ll probably be an unpleasant aroma in the air. Luckily, though, it’s easy to deodorize these contraptions – and in an eco-friendly way, too. Next time your garbage disposal starts to stink, cut a lemon into thin slices and throw them into the masher to leave it smelling fresh once more.

37. Dust electronics with coffee filters


Coffee filters aren’t just handy for making your daily mugs of joe. They’re also great at collecting dust particles, making them perfect for cleaning. The filters work particularly well on electronic items around the home, as they’re gentle. And unlike regular cloths, no fibers will stick to the screen, either.

36. Clean the blender in a whizz

With its many ridges and super-sharp blade, a blender can be a – sometimes literal – pain to clean by hand. Getting one into the dishwasher can be a real trial, too. But, thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to make a blender look as good as new. Simply fill it with warm, soapy water and then let it whizz for a couple of seconds.

35. Buff stainless steel with olive oil


Olive oil isn’t just great for meals but for cleaning. Yes, you read that right, and in particular the ingredient works brilliantly on stainless steel pots and stoves. Apply the oil using a soft cloth and buff the affected item in a circular motion to remove dirt and grime.

34. Tackle greasy oven doors with a dishwasher tablet

The cooked-on grease that coats the back of our oven doors can prove stubborn to shift. Luckily, dishwasher tablets can make light work of this often-daunting chore. Just swab the glass using a damp cloth before buffing the surface with a wet tablet. The filth should then lift off with minimal effort, leaving you with a lovely clean door.

33. Freshen your toilet with fabric conditioner


Keep your bathroom smelling fragrant for longer with this handy hack. Throw a cup of fabric conditioner into your toilet cistern, as this will both give your W.C. an instant lift and freshen the bowl each and every time you flush. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving – until refill time comes around, anyway.

32. Use lemon oil to combat sticky stuff

Sticky labels and the residue they leave behind can often be difficult to shift. But that’s where lemon oil comes in handy, as it makes light work of breaking down tacky substances. Just soak labels with a few drops of the stuff and watch in amazement as they peel off with barely any effort. And, of course, the oil smells good, too.

31. Lift carpet stains with vodka


Vodka – and basically any other kind of clear alcohol – can be used to effectively treat carpet stains. To start with, blot the offending mark to remove as much of it as possible. After that, spray vodka onto the affected area before pressing it again – firstly with a dry cloth, then a clean wet one. And if the stain remains, go through the whole process again until it’s completely gone.

30. Spot clean with baby wipes

You may not have thought about incorporating baby wipes into your clean-up regime, but perhaps that should change. After all, as they’re not too moist and only contain mild chemicals, they’re great at spot-cleaning fabrics. A word of warning, though: don’t employ cleaning wipes, as any bleach in these may damage your furniture or clothes.

29. Use your odd socks


Next time an odd sock pops up among your laundry, keep it to one side for cleaning your blinds. That’s right: while finding something nimble enough to fit between each individual slat can be a pain, a dampened sock can do the job nicely. Simply put the footwear over your hand and grip each panel between your fingers to dust off both sides of a strip in one swipe.

28. Degrease the stove with lemon oil

Lemon oil works amazingly as a natural degreaser and is even powerful enough to combat the stubborn grime that sometimes builds up on our ovens and stove tops. Add a few drops into a cup each of vinegar and water, spray the combination onto the area you want to tackle and then wipe to reveal a sparkling clean surface.

27. Try some homemade window cleaner


Instead of relying on expensive shop-bought solutions to help keep your windows clean, try making this DIY version. All you need is a squeeze of dish soap, a dash of white vinegar and some hot water. Then, once you’ve given this concoction a good mix, use it to buff the glass surfaces around your home and get them glistening.

26. Easily erase crayon marks

Lots of kids adore scribbling away, but don’t despair if your offspring have decided to use your perfect walls as a makeshift art gallery. Just take a dishwasher tablet and break it down in some warm water. After that, use a clean – preferably light-hued – cloth to rub the solution on the wall until the crayon disappears completely.

25. Chalk fingerprints off


White chalk works amazingly well for removing greasy fingerprints from walls. All you need to do is daub the chalk on the dirty areas and leave it to work for a few minutes. Then remove with a damp rag, and the marks should have completely disappeared. If you don’t have chalk to hand, baby powder or cornstarch work almost as well.

24. Dry your toilet brush

Toilet brushes can be pretty gross – especially when they drip water into their holders. To prevent this from happening, however, leave the brush pointing inward between the bowl and seat of your toilet after it’s been used. That way, it can air dry fully before it’s returned to its usual spot.

23. Dust ceiling fans with a pillowcase


Cleaning ceiling fan blades is often a pretty arduous chore. Not only can they be hard to reach, but once you wipe the dust off it’s likely to fall over you and the rest of the room. Prevent this unwelcome shower, though, by using a pillowcase. Simply put each blade inside the case and then rub them so that the dirt stays inside the fabric.

22. An inexpensive DIY drain cleaner

If your smelly drains are in need of an instant boost, then this DIY cleaner is for you. All you need is to combine half a cup of baking soda with the same amount of vinegar, pour the mixture down the plughole and then leave for an hour. Follow this up with a rinse of boiling water. And as you’ll probably have both vinegar and baking soda in your cupboard anyway, the solution is super-cheap to make – meaning you could ultimately save a fortune on shop-bought products. But even if you don’t have vinegar or baking soda to hand, this trick works with just salt and boiling water, too!

21. Remove pet fur with this hair-raising trick


Any animal owner will know that embedded pet hair can become an absolute nightmare to remove. But before you splash out on a fancy vacuum, try using a moist rubber glove to de-fuzz your furniture. The wet glove acts like a magnet, easily collecting fur with a quick rub.

20. Modify your vacuum with zero cash or effort

If you’ve ever wished that your budget vacuum had a few more attachments to really get rid of the dirt in those corners, listen up. Just fix a toilet paper tube to the end of the nozzle. The thin cardboard should then bend into all manner of shapes, making it perfect for any nook or cranny.

19. Zap damp sponges in the microwave to kill bacteria


There isn’t much point in cleaning if you’re using a bacteria-laden sponge to do so. Luckily, though, there’s a super-quick way to sanitize these vital kitchen implements. All you need to do is to heat a sponge up in a microwave for half a minute. This process should kill off any nasty bugs on the item, making it fit for purpose once more.

18. Freshen up your couch with baking soda

It’s almost impossible to keep a couch as good as new – particularly if you or your loved ones are prone to spillages. But there’s no need to worry. Brush your couch clean before applying a touch of baking soda to the seat cushions to tackle pesky stains and remove odors. Then let the substance settle for 20 minutes or so, and finally vacuum the powder up.

17. Use your loaf when it comes to breakages


Sadly in life, accidents do happen. If you break a glass at home, however, don’t be tempted to pick up the smallest shards of glass with your hands. Instead, keep your fingers safe by using a piece of bread. Simply dab the food item around the smash zone to collect any hard-to-see fragments.

16. Sanitize your cutting board in seconds

When it comes to meal prep, having a clean cutting board can make all the difference. So, keep yours sparkling with just two easily obtainable ingredients. Sprinkle coarse salt across your chopping board and then scrub with the inside of a lemon to remove stains and smells.

15. Polish up your sofa


If your leather couch has fallen victim to wear and tear, use shoe polish to give it a new lease of life. Pick a similar shade to your seat to easily cover up scratches and leave the item looking almost store-fresh. However, you should ensure that you remove all traces of polish before you finally get comfy again.

14. Save time with a ball of slime

We all know how disgusting our computer keyboards can become. And, alarmingly, your humble laptop is often many thousands of times more filthy than your toilet seat. So, to remove unwanted crumbs and the like, whip up some slime. Mix one cup of warm water with one quarter-cup of Borax before adding 5 ounces of glue. Then use the resulting gloop to spruce up your keyboard.

13. Achieve streak-free windows using newspaper


It may seem counterintuitive to rub dirty, ink-stained newspaper over freshly cleaned windows, but rest assured: this trick is actually effective. After polishing the glass, scrunch up a piece of newspaper and wipe it all around to achieve amazingly streak-free windows.

12. Eliminate scuff marks with cooking oil

While wooden furniture may be prone to scratches, you don’t have to live with them forever. To take your tabletops back to their former glory, add three parts vegetable or olive oil to one part white vinegar. Then simply rub on the affected area – and voila! The scuff marks should be completely gone.

11. Dust with dryer sheets


Give your dryer sheets a new lease of life by using them for something other than laundry. Yes, these nifty products can be used around the house in a number of ways. And they make particularly effective dusters, as not only do they attract particles like a magnet, but they’re also anti-static – so, hopefully keeping your surfaces cleaner for longer.

10. Get clean shower heads in the bag

Unfortunately, calcium deposits on our household appliances are often just a fact of life. And one of the hardest places to remove such bothersome build-ups is from the shower head. Rather than trying to scrub each tiny nozzle clean, though, you only need to attach a bag full of white vinegar to the head and let it work its magic as you sleep. Then, the following day, you’ll be left with a dazzling new sprayer.

9. Wipe away sneaker stains with ease


Anyone who’s ever purchased a pair of white sneakers will know how hard it is to keep them pristine. But while scrapes and stains are practically unavoidable, there’s a failsafe way to take your footwear back to box-fresh splendor. Simply use nail polish remover and a cotton ball to wipe off marks with ease.

8. Clean three blinds with one brush stroke

Dusting blinds can be time-consuming. But did you know that there’s a way to speed up the process with hardly any effort? Instead of using a typical dusting cloth, wipe down the slats using a regular decorator’s paintbrush. This way, you can clean large areas of your blinds in just one easy swipe.

7. Become a thrifty Swiffer


Constantly buying refills for your Swiffer can become expensive – and that’s not even to mention the product’s impact on the environment. Thank goodness, then, that someone has devised an ingenious solution that is kind to both the pocket and the planet. Instead of your usual refills, use a chenille sock to cover your Swiffer. Then, when your cleaning is complete, throw the sock in the washing machine to use again.

6. Use flour to clean up sloppy messes

When dealing with a liquid spillage, you’ve probably cursed at yourself for spreading the mess further. Next time you have to tackle an errant stain, though, cover it with flour, as the powder soaks up extra moisture – making the muck that’s left behind much easier to gather.

5. Give rusty cutlery a new lease of life with just water and lemon


If rust has gotten the better of your cutlery, don’t reach for the trash can just yet. Instead, fill a large glass with identical quantities of lemon juice and warm water before placing your knives and forks inside. Then leave the implements for ten minutes before buffing them up to reveal shining metal.

4. Make cleaning your exhaust fan a breeze

Exhaust fans collect an awful lot of dust over the years. And not only is this build-up unsightly, but it can also become dangerous – even putting you at risk of a house fire. So, keep your fans clean and safe by spraying them with compressed air from a can.

3. Help crumbs meet a sticky end


Anyone with small children – or just a sloppy adult eater – in their household will know that crumbs can be annoying. There’s an easy trick to cleaning them up, though, no matter how messy things have become. Simply dab sticky tape on the affected areas to remove all traces. That way, no one will have to know about the sneaky cookie you enjoyed earlier.

2. Use shaving cream to clear the fog

For those of us who like to brush our teeth or apply make-up in the bathroom after a shower, the wait for the mirror fog to clear can feel like an eternity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Coating your mirror with a thin layer of shaving cream before buffing it off with newspaper will neatly prevent the glass from steaming up.

1. Make your shower screen sparkle with a dishwasher tablet


If you’re only using dishwasher tablets for your crockery, you’re seriously missing out. One of the most effective ways to utilize them is in the bathroom – particularly when cleaning your shower screen. Just dip a tab in warm water, scrub it along the affected areas and then wash these surfaces with warm water to remove all traces of soap marks.

But there’s yet another everyday household item that’s suitable for a whole range of tasks – and some of them may surprise you. We’re talking about toothpaste, which isn’t just ideal for keeping your chompers clean and fresh. Yep, the minty stuff is tons more versatile than you think. Perhaps, then, it’s time to stock up.

Many of us will have toothpaste in our homes; after all, dental experts deem it essential in keeping our teeth clean and healthy. But who says the stuff’s only for oral hygiene? You see, there’s a whole list of ingenious – and perhaps unexpected – toothpaste hacks that show how the bathroom staple can be used to help fix scratched phone screens, smarten up your toilet and even give your car a new lease of life. Here are 40 of the best tips and tricks.


40. Relieve insect bites

Anyone who’s fallen victim to an insect bite will know that they can be irritating as hell. However, you may not have realized that these itching little lumps can be soothed with just a dab of toothpaste. According to Reader’s Digest, all you need to do is apply the minty concoction to the affected area and then allow it to cool the skin right down. Top tip: toothpaste can apparently be used in the same way to treat burns, too.

39. Freshen up your toilet cistern


If you want to keep your toilet smelling sweet between cleans, why not use toothpaste? Simply pierce holes into the tube and place inside your cistern. This nifty trick will send a fresh, minty smell out into your bathroom without you having to scrub away, The Sun claims. The menthol in the paste may also act as a mild disinfectant – making it a double win.

38. Eliminate scuff marks from shoes

Next time you want to clean your leather shoes, don’t seek out expensive polishes. Instead, as Reader’s Digest says, you should give your trusty tube of toothpaste a go. You simply need to rub a drop onto a scuff with a soft cloth before cleaning the area with a damp rag. Then the marks should come off before your eyes – leaving your footwear both looking and smelling good.

37. Dry out pimples


If you need an overnight fix for a pesky spot, simply apply a bit of toothpaste to the offending area before you go to bed, as the formula will both help to dry out the pimple and absorb excess oil. For the paste to really work its magic, though, it needs to be used on a spot that’s already got a head. And you may want to avoid this hack if you struggle with sensitive skin.

36. Get crayon off walls

Don’t despair when your kids next use your beautiful, clean walls as a blank canvas. Instead, just grab some toothpaste and use it to scrub the crayon away. The slightly abrasive nature of the common toiletry product makes it perfect for removing waxy messes. And it’s easily removed from the wall, too, with just a bit of water needed to wash away all traces.

35. Hang posters


If you live in a rental where you can’t fix nails to the wall, then you can actually use toothpaste to hang your pictures. Yes, according to the website Home Hacks, the bathroom staple can be used as a nifty makeshift adhesive that will come in handy when sprucing up your place. And unlike tack, tape or glue, it won’t damage your walls when you come to take it off, either.

34. Deodorize hands

Home cooks will know that there are some smells that just seem to stick on hands forever. Yes, no matter how much you wash with soap, sometimes the stink just won’t shift. However, Reader’s Digest claims that the ingredients in toothpaste that deodorize your mouth so well can do the very same thing for your hands – an easy trick to banish those garlic-scented mitts.

33. Remove fabric stains


Toothpaste also works like a charm when it comes to removing stubborn lipstick or ink stains from clothes. Use a non-gel variety to treat the fabric and rub forcefully to work the paste in, and do it again and again until the mark is removed. After that, you may want to place the item in the laundry to remove the remaining menthol smell.

32. Clean up piano keys

If all your piano playing has left the keys looking grubby, then it’s time to call upon your trusty toothpaste. According to the good people at Reader’s Digest, you can simply apply the stuff with a toothbrush and then use a dampened rag to remove it. And while this method may sound strange, it makes sense that toothpaste would work wonders on ivory-coated piano keys, as this substance can be found in animals’ teeth. That said, it should leave modern plastic keys gleaming, too.

31. Tackle carpet stains


While it may seem counterintuitive to rub toothpaste into an already soiled carpet, Reader’s Digest insists that the bathroom staple is actually an effective stain remover. Using a sponge or toothbrush, you simply need to rub the paste onto the fibers where the offending mark lies. Then wash away with water and repeat until your carpet’s clean.

30. Banish watermarks

Coasters are the easiest way to avoid unsightly watermarks on furniture. However, don’t worry if you or someone else has forgotten to use one. Simply apply some non-gel toothpaste to the stain using a soft cloth, and then wipe the mixture away with a slightly wet one. After that, let the wood dry before giving it a spritz of polish.

29. Clean phone cameras


If your camera phone images are coming out hazy, it may be worth giving the lens a little polish. And by now, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that toothpaste is perfect for this task. Simply smooth the substance onto the camera before sponging it away to remove any debris, and see how much your photography game improves.

28. Remove gunk from straighteners and curling irons

Many of us use multiple products on our hair, and this can lead to a sticky build-up on our heated implements. Luckily, lifestyle website The Spruce says that toothpaste is the answer to removing all of that unwanted debris without damaging hair straighteners or curling irons in the process. Simply rub the paste onto the surface of the styling tools before removing the excess product. Complete the process by giving your appliances the once-over with a damp cloth and then allowing them to dry.

27. Deodorize baby bottles


After a while, baby bottles can wind up stinking of sour milk. To eliminate this unpleasant odor, Reader’s Digest recommends that you take some toothpaste and a bottle brush to the offending item before rinsing it thoroughly with water. The same method can be used on Tupperware and plastic storage boxes to remove any lingering smells of last night’s leftovers.

26. Quick toilet clean

If your toilet’s in need of a quick fix but you’re fresh out of cleaner, you could use toothpaste instead. According to The Spruce, you can simply squirt the bathroom staple around the bowl and work it in with a toilet brush. And while the toothpaste won’t kill all nasties in the same manner as a more specialized cleaning product, it will produce sparkling results.

25. Defog goggles


Whether you’re doing some DIY or diving into the deep seas, foggy goggles can be a real headache. To prevent your eyewear from steaming up, then, work toothpaste into them and then clean it off. Not only will you be left with perfectly clear eyewear, but they should stay see-through while you work or swim, too.

24. Keep silverware gleaming

With just a little bit of toothpaste, you can make tarnished silverware a thing of the past. Just apply the substance using a soft cloth and watch the dull build-up come away before your eyes. According to The Spruce, the hack even works on copper pots that are badly corroded – although you may need to leave the paste there for a few minutes before removing. Then, when you’re done, wash your pot with hot water and then buff it up with a new cloth.

23. Remove soap scum


Toothpaste is also particularly effective in tackling soap scum build-up in the bathroom, and apparently it works perfectly on shower doors. Simply apply the paste with a damp sponge, then rinse it away and shine the chosen surface with a dry cloth. You’ll be left with a pristine finish devoid of any unsightly watermarks.

22. Make coins shine

It turns out that toothpaste isn’t just great at making your teeth sparkle. According to the YouTube channel Addyology, you should stir some paste into a cup of water before leaving old coins to soak in the formula. Then, when you come to remove the pieces of metal, they’ll look so good that you may want to think twice about spending them.

21. Glue for your scrapbook


If you’re caught on the road without a gluestick and need to keep photos and memories in order, look no further than your trusty tube of toothpaste. The handy substance can be used as a makeshift adhesive, and you can use it in the same the way you would any regular glue. Now, you can have all your mementos together as you go.

20. Fix scratched glasses

Before you’re tempted to throw scratched spectacles away, try this handy hack. Rub them using a cotton ball and some toothpaste for sensitive teeth. And after a couple of attempts, scratches may just start to disappear, according to budgeting website A Cultivated Nest. However, beware of trying this tip on glasses with specialist coatings, as the toothpaste may damage these instead.

19. Brighten up your bling


Reader’s Digest claims that a tube of toothpaste is all you need to restore a diamond ring to its former glory. Simply use a toothbrush to apply the formula to your jewelry and then wipe off the residue using a damp cloth. After that, you should be left with bling that truly glistens – meaning you may never want to take it off.

18. Keep your fingernails clean

If your nails have been stained from cooking, cleaning or gardening, turn to toothpaste for a quick manicure. According to A Cultivated Nest, all you need to do is put some toothpaste on a toothbrush and scrub away at your fingers for around a minute before rinising your hands clean. Still, this hack is best left for emergencies only, as too much paste could dry nails out – thus making them brittle.

17. Prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming over


Trying to brush your teeth, shave your face or apply makeup can be downright impossible with a fogged-up mirror. So, to help your morning routine go more smoothly, Reader’s Digest recommends wiping your reflective surface down with toothpaste before you hop in the shower. That way, it will remain steam-free while you’re getting ready.

16. Clean white patio furniture

Toothpaste – particularly types with whitening properties – can come in handy when cleaning pale-colored patio furniture. According to A Cultivated Nest, it’s especially great at removing grass stains; just rub on the paste, then rinse and repeat until your table or chair is clean. If you need to, you could spruce up an entire item in this manner – although you may need a big tube of toothpaste.

15. Fill small holes


If you need a quick fix for small holes in your walls – from nails, for instance – consider filling them with toothpaste. Specifically, push the formula into the crevice before smoothing it off with an old credit card to ensure that it’s flat on the wall. Then, once the paste has dried, you can paint your wall as normal.

14. Polish kitchen chrome

Many supermarket chrome cleaners contain a very gentle abrasive to help make surfaces shiny. And guess what? Toothpaste also has to be slightly abrasive in order to clean our teeth. So, if you don’t have your usual product handy, simply smear some toothpaste onto dirty chrome and then polish it off using a dry cloth.

13. Clean car headlamps


Car headlamps can become cloudy over time as they oxidize. This can decrease your visibility in the dark and can therefore become a danger. So, to get your lights shining brightly, turn to your trusty toothpaste. Grab a sponge and rub the substance onto the headlamps in circular motions before rinsing it off with water or a damp cloth.

12. Remove nail polish

If you’re out of nail polish remover but need to fix up your talons, look no further than toothpaste. Simply rub it on your fingernails in the same way you would use acetone, Home Hacks argues. As an added bonus, your hands will be left smelling lovely and minty – which you don’t typically get from store-bought removers.

11. Restore your white sneakers


When the white rubber parts of your sneakers become marked, try cleaning them with non-gel toothpaste. Reader’s Digest advises using a cleaning pad or toothbrush to apply the formula and letting it dry onto the shoes. Then, when you come to wipe the paste off, use a cloth dampened with water and soap. As you do, the dirt should lift off before your eyes – leaving your sneakers looking box-fresh again.

10. Clean your iron plate

The semi-abrasive nature of toothpaste makes it perfect for cleaning sticky, starch build-ups off irons. Wait for the plate to cool before rubbing the paste onto the metal with a cloth, and then scrub it clean once more with a damp rag. You should be left with a gleaming iron that will make smoothing out laundry a breeze in the future.

9. Repair CDs and DVDs


CDs and DVDs may seem pretty old school nowadays, but many of us still have piles of them in our homes. And while CDs were once touted as being “indestructible,” music fans will know that the discs are still susceptible to scratches. According to the website Awesome Inventions, though, you can easily fix them up by wiping them over with toothpaste.

8. Remove permanent marker from wood

Next time your children’s doodles make it onto your wooden furniture, don’t despair, as Awesome Inventions claims that even permanent marker can be removed with a squeeze or two of toothpaste. Just rub the paste gently on to the affected area and then take it off after a few minutes. You may need to repeat the process, however, if the scribbles won’t budge the first time around.

7. Clean the bathroom sink


Toothpaste is pretty miraculous stuff, so don’t let it go to waste if you drop a dollop in the bathroom sink. Instead, scrub it into the basin using a sponge before rinsing it away with water. You can even squeeze a bit down the drain to leave it smelling fresh.

6. Get gum out of hair or clothes

Removing gum from clothes or hair can be a difficult task, but once again toothpaste can help – and all you’ll need is a little bit of patience. Awesome Inventions recommends applying some of the bathroom staple to the sticky area before allowing it to dry out naturally. Then, once the paste has fully set, the gum should come away more easily.

5. Heal bruises


In one of its more unusual uses, toothpaste can apparently be used to help bruises heal more quickly. According to A Cultivated Nest, you simply need to apply a thin layer of the substance to the skin, then cover it over with a bandage and leave it for an eight-hour period – while you sleep, for example – before finally washing it off. Repeat the process for the next few days until you see a difference in coloration.

4. Clean your credit card microchip

If you’re having trouble using your credit card, then try cleaning the chip with toothpaste before getting in touch with your bank. Apply the formula to the metallic strip with a cotton swab and then remove gently with a cloth, the YouTube channel Addyology suggests. The same method can also be used on faulty SD and sim cards in a last-ditch attempt to get them functioning again.

3. Freshen up your footwear


It seems that toothpaste has you covered for all your footwear needs. Not only can the wonder substance buff away scuffs and clean up white soles, but it can also leave your shoes smelling sweet. Yes, if your best kicks are in need of some freshening up, rub toothpaste into the soles to give them a fragrant boost.

2. Fix up scuffed phones

Given the amount we use our phones, they’re often susceptible to scratches. But did you know that toothpaste can be used to reduce such marks, going some way in restoring our devices to their former glory? According to the YouTube channel Bokin DIY, rubbing the paste over your phone and then removing it with a cloth could be the solution to a scratched device.

1. Remove scratches from your car


But toothpaste isn’t just able to remove scrapes and scratches from glasses and phones. Home Hacks claims that it may just work on scraped-up cars, too – providing a low-cost method for making sure your wheels are always looking their best.