40 Of The Most Peculiar Things Passengers Have Captured Taking Place On Planes

Aside from the in-flight entertainment, flying on an airplane can be fairly uneventful. Nonetheless, once in a while, you might just spot something so bizarre that you’ll be left rubbing your eyes in disbelief. So keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list detailing 40 of the strangest things to happen on passenger aircraft.

40. Endangered Passenger

Someone might want to tell this guy that the World Wildlife Foundation’s “Adopt a Panda” campaign shouldn’t be taken literally. That being said, this cute furry fella seems pretty relaxed.

39. In-Flight Microwave

After a while, the overhead lights on airplanes can generate a bit of heat. But enough to warm up a cold slice of pizza? This hungry passenger certainly thought so.

38. Human Chair

As any parent will tell you, flying with young children can be a very trying experience. The guy in this photo would probably agree, if he could move his head.

37. Headwear Head-Scratcher


We assume that the passenger in the middle felt the need to wrap up for their flight. But if that’s not a strange bit of headwear, we have so many questions.

36. Pull My Finger

At first glance, this is a cute moment between two strangers on a plane. However, the surrounding passengers might be fearful of what happens when the baby pulls that finger.

35. Engrossing Entertainment


If you don’t like air travel, the in-flight entertainment can provide a nice distraction. This dog is certainly a fan! The pooch just needs a chew toy and they’ll be set.

34. Don’t Look At Its Eyes!

When you get a window seat, you’re usually treated to some wonderful views above the clouds. But this passenger had the added bonus of a nightmarish squeeze toy. The horror…

33. Expect The Unexpected


No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: that is indeed a pregnancy test. Hopefully, it’s not a used one. Maybe the major airlines are throwing them into the seat pockets to break the monotony of the magazines?

32. In-Flight Fragrance

As we all know, airplane seats aren’t particularly spacious, so some people try to get creative. But you probably shouldn’t follow this passenger’s lead. That simple look says it all.

31. Don’t Play Too Hard


We have to applaud this guy’s strategy. Not only did he bring a keyboard for some impromptu entertainment, but he blocked the exit to ensure a captive audience. You’ve earned your rest, sir.

30. Makeshift Dryer

Maybe this person’s day at the laundromat clashed with their flight? Even so, there’s got to be a more inconspicuous way to dry your undies on a packed airplane. We fervently hope this isn’t today’s pair…

29. “I Think I Forgot Something”


After a long flight, it can be easy to forget about smaller items that you’ve left near your seat. But an entire hair weave? That’s a new one for us.

28. Fresh Hand Luggage

Most passengers like to bring snacks with them ahead of a plane journey. However, this individual took things to another level. We’re surprised that they didn’t need to buy an additional ticket!

27. Unlucky Passenger


For the sake of this unfortunate passenger, let’s hope that their plane didn’t encounter any problems. But if it did, maybe they called upon Aquaman to hand over the vest.

26. Eight Bottles Of Beer On The Wall…

We all have our limits when it comes to alcohol: evidently, the guy in this photo has reached his. At least he didn’t have to worry about hitching a ride home.

25. Do Not Disturb


We’ve got to admit, this is an excellent idea for any soporific passengers on airplanes. Never, ever let sleep get in the way of an opportunity to guzzle. The woman here could make a killing in the lucrative novelty sign business if she wanted!

24. Turkey sandwiched

It’s not every day that you spot a fowl sitting behind you on a passenger plane. For the bird’s sake, let’s hope that the choice of in-flight meal was chicken or fish.

23. Who Needs A Bed?


For some people, it’s next to impossible to get a good amount of sleep on an airplane. Yet this guy had no such trouble. He probably didn’t make too many friends, though.

22. Nice Jacket

So there could be two possible explanations behind this. Either the passenger in front is hugely inconsiderate of other people, or the seat itself is sentient. It certainly pulls off the jacket!

21. Makeshift Playpen


Well, this is one way to keep your baby occupied when you’re taking your seat. We don’t think you can class them as hand luggage, though, so it’ll be a short reprieve. Hopefully.

20. “Would You Care For A Banana, Sir?”

Yes, we know what you’re all thinking. That monkey is probably rocking the ugliest pair of jeans on the entire plane. Blue camo? Is the little fella going to a ’90s themed rave?

19. Sock It To Me!


When airplanes climb above the clouds, passengers are afforded some stunning views from their seats. But is there anything more eye-catching than a pair of damp white socks? We thought not.

18. Pigs Might Fly

If you’re traveling alone, you might strike up a conversation with the person next to you. This passenger went one better, though. Look at the porker’s happy face! That’s a friend for life right there.

17. Put Your Feet Up


Sometimes in life, it’s not a bad thing to be a little self-conscious about your appearance. After all, it could prevent situations like this from happening. Just keep your shoes on!

16. Got Any Scissors?

Is this an airplane or an ambitious new hair salon? Either way, the passenger here is certainly asking for trouble, especially if the individual behind them unleashes their inner barber.

15. Wrapped Up And Ready To Go


When returning from a vacation, we can sometimes bring a bit too much back with us. In this case, a passenger seemingly picked up an entire person. At least they’ve been wrapped properly.

14. A Sight For Sore Eyes

Did this passenger’s pants get sucked out of the airlock? That’s the only way to justify what we’re seeing here. The tattoo’s pretty unnerving as well. Don’t look into its eyes!

13. A Tight Fit


If your bags won’t squeeze into the overhead compartments, you could be in a spot of bother. But this guy seemed determined to keep hold of his “hand luggage.” Look how comfortable he is.

12. Nap Time

If you didn’t think that babies can sleep anywhere, this shot of a slumbering youngster might just change your mind. Let’s hope there wasn’t too much turbulence on that flight.

11. Take-Out At 35,000 Feet


It’s not a regular sight, this giant stuffed burger all buckled up for a long flight. You might even say it’s medium-rare. Maybe it’s heading out to visit Ronald McDonald and his pals for a couple of weeks?

10. Passenger’s best friend

If the person on the right isn’t too careful, this passenger might just fall in love with their beautiful dog by the end of the flight. How could anyone resist such a heartwarming look!

9. Put ’Em Up!


To help with your circulation on an airplane, you need to stretch and move around as much as possible. However, the person here took things to another level. That’s quite a leg span.

8. Makeshift Clothes Horse

The fold-out tables on planes can be very useful, offering you a space to enjoy your food. Yet this passenger had other ideas. Who needs an airer at 35,000 feet?

7. The Look Of Despair


Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, and this one is no different. We feel your pain, man. At least the lady behind him seems to be enjoying the flight.

6. Human Pillow

It’s not always easy to get comfortable on airplanes, but this guy had no such trouble when he nodded off. Too bad his choice of pillow was another person. She looks thrilled.

5. What The Duck?


Flight attendants beware! This feathered friend – or perhaps fiend – is coming for your jobs, and already appears to have won over a passenger. Daffy and Donald would be so proud of their billed brother.

4. Airplane Yoga

Let’s face it – yoga classes can get pretty boring after a while. But at the same time, we wouldn’t advise you to do this. Imagine coming out of the bathroom stall at that moment.

3. Resist The Urge


Is this young passenger really trying to access her screen? Or does she have something nefarious in mind for her dreadlocked neighbor? For their sake, we hope she isn’t an aspiring hairdresser.

2. High-Flying Arachnid

Spiders are terrifying at the best of times, but is there anything more nightmarish than finding one on a plane? Whaddya mean, snakes? Anyhow, this brave passenger seemed to have it under control, much to everyone’s relief.

1. Buckle Up


When you hop aboard an airplane, it’s always handy to keep zip ties, duct tape and a makeshift gag on your person. After all, they’re just as good as seatbelts.