40 Of The Most Hilarious Tractor Fails Ever Caught On Camera

Who’d drive a tractor? These heavy-duty vehicles seem to pose far more of a challenge than your average car. And that, it must be said, has resulted in some pretty epic fails over the years. Thankfully for us, many of these crazy mishaps have all been caught on camera. But some of the photos of these dramatic blunders have left us with more questions than answers!

40. It’s snow joke

Many of us love snow. From kids making snowmen to adults throwing snowballs at each other, it can be a lot of fun. But it isn’t so pleasurable for farmers. Take this poor tractor driver. Their Case 600 is buried in the white stuff. There won’t be any harvesting going on here for a while, that’s for sure.

39. Run-in with the law

Oh dear, this delinquent driver seems to have got himself in a spot of bother with the law. Riding along on a red Massey Ferguson tractor, he appears to have stolen a number of beer kegs and, err, a couch. Which he then proceeded to pull along on the country road behind him. But the cop trailing him was having none of it, stopping and arresting the inebriated idiot who identified himself as Steve. Only in America.

38. Puppy ambush

How are you supposed to work the fields and drive your tractor if you can’t even turn the wheel? Well, that’s the question that this unfortunate driver – or fortunate if he or she’s a dog lover – likely found themselves asking. The reason being that there were three absolutely adorable pups who’d ambushed the vehicle. Aww, just look at them. Those fields will have to wait.

37. Good thing it’s only a small tractor…


Aw shucks. It appears as if the driver of this tractor lost control of the vehicle and then bolted. Perhaps he or she was trying to take a shortcut downhill and only succeeded in turning the bright green motor on its side. They won’t be doing this again; you can be sure of that.

36. Life’s a beach

It’s hard not to look at this photo without laughing. Just how did this old tractor, with its trailer in tow, arrive on a beach? And a packed one at that. Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel? Did they merely get bored of plowing the fields and decide to try something different? Either way, it’s very funny.

35. Why hire a wedding car when you can just use a tractor?


This poor woman’s probably dreamed since she was a young girl of being chauffeured to her wedding in a fancy vintage car decorated by a bow and flowers. But the reality would be a little less romantic. Yep, this bride was taken to her wedding on the front of a muddy tractor. Who said romance’s dead?

34. Erm, have you still got the receipt?

It’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for the guy in this picture. There he is, solemnly looking down at the wreck of his John Deere tractor, which he appears to have had since about 1938. The wheels are twisted or detached; a piece of metal hangs off the front. Time to invest in a new vehicle, buddy – this one is unsalvageable.

33. Rear-wheel drive


Before plowing a field, it’s probably a good idea to check whether the ground is suitable for it at the time. As the driver of this fetching, vintage, blue tractor has surely found out. Yep, they seem to have got themselves completely stuck. Hope that rear-wheel drive is powerful for their sake.

32. What kind of farm is this?!

We’re really not sure what to make of this. Either these two elderly women are being held hostage, or they’re hitching a ride in the most uncomfortable way possible. That being locked in a square cage on the back of a farm tractor. Still, at least they won’t fall out!

31. Wrong turn


Oops. We think this tractor may have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. Either that or the driver passed out or bailed on the vehicle. That’s because it’s inexplicably ended up in someone’s front room. Best get your wallet out, errant tractor driver. There’s gonna be a considerable price to pay for all that damage.

30. Tractor-made terror

To be frank, this image is kind of terrifying. It sort of looks like something out of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. An evil tractor that’s gone on a rampage through American suburbia, destroying everything in sight. Yikes.

29. Problems pylon up


This farmer in England can probably count himself fortunate that he’s still alive. That’s because after placing his Claas Xerion vehicle on auto-steer, he collided with a pylon carrying electricity, and bent it badly out of shape. The entanglement was such that the tractor couldn’t be retrieved for 48 hours. The incident also cut off the electricity supply for more than 1,000 houses for a time. Oh well, he can probably laugh about it now, at least.

28. The angle’s a little off

Holy moly. The driver of this blue tractor seems to have ended up in a spot of bother. In actual fact they’re really wedged into a muddy field. Worse still, the tractor has gotten stuck at a rather unusual angle. Best get some friends together, as this is gonna take some moving.

27. Fire it up


The driver of this tractor seems to have bailed and left it out in the field. And with good reason too, given it’s on fire. Look at those bright orange flames coming from its engine. This little green tractor is unsalvageable for sure. Perhaps they’ve gone to call 911 or maybe grab a hose to put it out.

26. Down in the ditch

Oh dear. You can almost imagine the thought process going through the mind of the driver of this doomed red tractor. “Right, I’ll just take a shortcut off this dirt track and… oh no!” Face down in the ditch they went. It would’ve taken considerable manpower or machinery to get that vehicle out of its sorry predicament, that’s for sure.

25. Don’t get bogged down


Well this one’s just plain stupid, if you ask us. Really, what did the drivers of these three green tractors expect would happen when they went out to cultivate a badly waterlogged field? That they’d glide over the top of it? Come to think of it, you’d seriously question how they became farmers in the first place.

24. Stairway to nowhere

Speaking of stupid, this driver makes the bog-cultivating farmers look like total geniuses. The, shall we say, slightly dim individual has managed to crash their tractor on a flight of outdoor steps. Which raises several questions. Most notably, what on Earth were they doing driving a tractor down concrete steps?

23. Water way to go


Ah, another genius tractor driver, who for a split second or more decided they were going to cultivate what looks like a sizable pond or lake. Perhaps it’s part of their field and is merely waterlogged. But you still have to seriously ask how the tractor ended up slap bang in the middle of it.

22. Brush it off

Well, what do we have here? Looks like some kind of out-of-control robot that’s set on world domination and destruction. Peer a bit closer, though, and it appears to be a humble tractor with ten brushes attached to its front. That’s a novel way of sweeping the road, we guess.

21. Highway hijinks


Here’s another one where you’re simply left scratching your head as to how what you can see happened. How did this tractor become perilously perched over the highway below it? And what are those two guys doing standing there as if nothing crazy’s happening or the heavy machinery couldn’t fall on to them? Not really the time to stop and have a chat, gentlemen.

20. Should’ve stuck to the road

Tractor-driving lesson, number one: don’t take any unnecessary and potentially perilous shortcuts on to unsteady land. The operator of this humongous red tractor evidently decided to ignore this advice and went left off the gravelly dirt track and headfirst into a ditch. Lesson learned, we assume.

19. Where’s your wheel?


This one’s more of a head-scratcher than an outright face-palm. How on Earth is this portly gentleman driving a tractor that’s evidently missing one of its front wheels? And why’s a woman, whom we’re assuming is his wife, stood smiling nonchalantly on the back of the vintage-looking vehicle as if this was all normal? Too many questions and not enough answers.

18. Train track troubles

The driver of this large green tractor seems to have made a very unwise gamble. That is, betting that their plodding farm vehicle could cut across the railway crossing before an oncoming train reached it. By the look of the scene above, he or she was spectacularly wrong. In fact, the tractor was effectively cut in half by the sheer force of the train. Yikes.

17. Do the twist


This large, multi-wheeled tractor appears to have got itself into a right pickle. Its whole rear end twisted into a mess of metal and rubber. How it got into this bizarre position is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it was partaking in a game of Twister for farmyard vehicles?

16. Ill-advised ice escapades

What did we say about ill-advised shortcuts? Well, this tractor driver hasn’t taken that advice. Nope, the foolish farmer seems to have decided that it’d be a good idea to drive their yellow tractor over a frozen lake. With quite predictable results. A tractor is quite a heavy vehicle, you know.

15. Trendy tractor


Tractors don’t have the same cool rep that many cars do. Which is surely to be expected, given they’re constructed to cultivate crops and drive through muddy fields. So, understandably, they’re not made with the same, ultra-slick designs of fancy road cars, such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, for example. Or even a BMW. But this Russian farmer decided that his red tractor ought to try and match the coolness of a beamer, with hilarious results. You’re not fooling anyone, Sergei.

14. Tractor take-off

We wouldn’t exactly class this one as a fail, because actually it’s kinda cool. The driver of this blue tractor has literally driven at such a speed that his vehicle has jumped into the air. Or maybe he just hit a really large bump in the road. Either way, it’s neat to think that someone was able to perfectly capture the moment that the tractor took flight on camera.

13. Tarantula tractor


We very much doubt you’ve ever seen a tractor as terrifying as this one. Yes, this red vehicle appears to have grown a bunch of metal spider’s legs and looks as sinister as can be. How one would actually drive the thing is another matter entirely. Best keep away from it in case it attacks.

12. Who said driving a tractor shouldn’t be fun?

You have to hand it to this guy. People might try to besmirch his profession and say that it’s boring being a farmer. But he’s having absolutely none of it. So, as if to prove that it can be fun, he pulled the most outrageous wheelie while dragging a large bale of hay. Awesome!

11. That sinking feeling


Holy mackerel. This tractor crane’s well and truly submerged in the quicksand. Must’ve taken a wrong turn or something. How the man next to it – whom we presume is the driver – is going to get it out of there is open for debate. We reckon he’s gonna need some help.

10. Stuck in the mud

Oh dear. The driver of this Mx220 Case tractor has gotten themselves in a bit of a pickle. It would be accurate – both literally and figuratively – to suggest that they’re stuck in the mud. And very thick mud it is indeed. Good luck to those tasked with lifting that heavy machinery out.

9. Tarzan tractor


This little red tractor appears to have been abandoned by its driver. Presumably this was done out of embarrassment. That’s because the farm vehicle was found, and then photographed, as it was halfway up a tree. So, how on Earth were they able to get it into that position? And more importantly, what were they thinking?

8. Wheel off

It’s hard not to laugh at this one, it must be said. The poor tractor driver trying to go about their business, earnestly attempting to earn a living out in the farm’s fields. When suddenly one of the wheels on their blue tractor comes loose and begins rolling away. An epic fail, as the kids say.

7. Snowed under


Whoops. It appears as if the owner of this tractor has abandoned it the previous day, only to wake up in the morning to find it completely submerged in snow. We assume that, because surely they weren’t trying to plow a field in these conditions. Best wait for things to thaw out before moving it.

6. A bridge too far

The driver of this red tractor appears to have seriously underestimated the weight of their vehicle. That’s because when attempting to cross a weak-looking bridge, the whole structure’s collapsed underneath them, leaving the driver in something of a pickle. A bridge too far. Best start reversing the tractor quickly.

5. Great at camouflage, terrible at being a tractor


What on Earth’s happened here? This yellow farm mobile looks to have buried itself in the mud and grass, as if it was an ambush predator. Except it isn’t, and being submerged in the ground means it isn’t of much use. We think they’ll need a crane to pull this one out the bog.

4. Born to be wild

Try to look at this photograph without letting out a deep, hearty belly laugh. Impossible, huh? It seems as though the lady in the picture was promised a ride on the gentleman’s Harley. But she didn’t know it’d be a modified Harley/tractor hybrid. That’s the story we’re running with, anyway.

3. Vorsprung Durch Technik


You have to hand it to whoever made this makeshift tractor. They appear to have grabbed whatever they can find in their garage or on a scrapheap to put together a usable farm vehicle. Okay, it looks totally weird, and the Audi front isn’t fooling anyone. But could you do any better?

2. Sleeping on the job

Well, what do we have here? This tractor’s obviously been made to work much too hard by its driver. So much so that it seems to have stopped in order to take a nap. Either that or its front wheels have collapsed. But we like the first explanation better.

1. I believe I can fly


Either this tractor driver’s got themselves in a major muddle or they’re actually a genius. Because whether they meant it or not, their vehicle looks to have attached itself to the back of a train and is several feet off the ground. It could be a long and bumpy ride ahead. Best fasten that seat belt!