40 Handy Coffee Filter Hacks To Make The Daily Grind Run That Bit Smoother

Your morning would not be complete without a coffee – this much you know is true. But what if we told you there’s way more to be done with your java-centric accessories? Yes, that little paper filter you use to brew your daily cup of joe has so many additional uses besides making that magical beverage. Here are 40 other ways to put them to good use.

40. See a bit more clearly

If you’ve ever wiped your glasses with a regular tissue or napkin, you know how streaky they can leave your lenses. Next time, reach for a coffee filter instead. They tend to be made from completely virgin paper, which means they won’t leave behind lint or strands that fog up your frames.

39. Craft a makeshift funnel

Let’s say you’re on the road and realize your car needs some oil. How will you refill the engine? If you have coffee filters in your glovebox, you can make it happen a whole lot easier. Simply clip the bottoms off of your cone-shaped filters to transform them into funnels to keep the refills clean and tidy.

38. Keep a cast iron skillet clean

Legend has it that you can’t clean your cast iron skillet with soap. Now that’s a topic that’s constantly up for debate, but here’s a gentle cleaning method to use in the interim. First, use coarse salt to scrub the interior of the pan. Then rinse, dry and line it with coffee filters to soak up any excess moisture to keep your skillet from rusting.

37. Bake cupcakes in a pinch

Let’s say you’re in the mood for cupcakes, but you’re missing the pivotal supply: liners for your cupcake tins. If you happen to drink coffee, though, you could be ready to go without the little paper cups. Instead, line your trays with filters – trim them a bit if you don’t want excess paper surrounding your finished cakes.