40 Pawesome Hacks Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

Owning a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But if you’re really looking to enhance the spells that you spend with your beloved pooch at home, you’re in luck. Yes, we’ve gathered 40 remarkable hacks that’ll get their tails wagging in next to no time. Trust us, they’re totally pawesome!

40. Slow feeder

Is your dog a fast eater? Well, one simple trick can slow them right down. All you need to do is place a toy ball in their bowl alongside the food. Obviously they’ll have to work around the obstruction, which in turn hits the brakes on their speed. You could also lay out your pooch’s dinner across a muffin baking-tin as an alternative. No more pupset tummies!

39. Baby wipes at bath time

Some dogs shed hair like nobody’s business – especially when they get wet. So bath time can become a bit of a nightmare. Yet there is a way around this issue. Just grab a single baby wipe from your bathroom cabinet and stick it on the exposed plughole. Then drop the plug in, before running the bath normally. Once you’re done washing your pet, the fur should cling to the wipe.

38. Getting a urine sample

Getting a urine sample from your dog isn’t the most pleasant of jobs, but if the vet needs it, you don’t have much choice. Plus the task can be simplified with two household tools. Yes, a screw top receptacle and a ladle will be a big help. Utilize the latter to collect your pup’s pee, then empty it into the former. Easy! Please note that gloves are optional… but probably recommended.

37. DIY raincoat

Dog raincoats can be pricey, so why not make your own? All you need is an IKEA bag, some velcro, an elastic band and a reflective strip. Noting your canine’s size, slice the bag in half from the joins. Then trim one of the grips off and stick the band on the end. Then, with the other half, chop out a rectangle before stitching it to the main section. Add the velcro to that bit, and choose the best spot for the reflective material.