40 Cat-Obsessed Celebrities Who Are Head Over Heels For Their Furry Friends

We’re all partial to the odd cat video now and again, but it seems that some celebrities are completely besotted. From the music legend who supposedly fills Christmas stockings for his fur family of 10 to the self-proclaimed crazy cat ladies of Hollywood – no corner of showbiz can avoid the charms of those adorable kitties. So, whether you’re a cat person or not, it’s time to sink your claws in and find out who’s guilty of loving their four-legged friends a little too much.

40. Gigi Hadid’s miracle kitty

Cleo the kitten had a pretty unusual start in life - she was found in a car engine, after all! Luckily, she made a perfect recovery from her less-than-glam beginnings. And things have certainly taken a step up now that she’s found her forever home with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Cleo even gets to play with Hadid’s smartphone – what a life.

39. Nyjer Morgan hit it out of the park with his pet

You might have heard an adoption story like Nyjer Morgan’s before, but you’ve probably never met a cat with a name quite like it! The retired Milwaukee Brewers player decided to rescue a pet in need while in Wisconsin city. And sure enough, his adorable pet, Slick Willie, became one of his best pals. The sportsman told PETA, “[I] figured, why not go to the pound and get myself a little kitten?” And as for the name, it’s probably a safe bet not to get copied.

38. Ann-Margret’s lifelong love for felines

In a 1972 interview with the Sarasota Journal, Ann-Margret couldn’t contain herself when she found out that the interviewer also liked cats. The Bye Bye Birdie actress gushed, “I’ve always loved cats ever since I was a little girl.” And, as a grown-up, the passion hadn’t waned. The actress said that she and her husband Roger Smith had multiple cats at the time. We’re guessing that she still has a feline companion nearly 50 years later.

37. Macklemore and the cat that saved his marriage

Macklemore made a snap decision to bring home a kitten named Cairo. The rapper and his wife Tricia were having problems, so it might not have seemed the best time to throw a pet into the mix. Though he told People that the opposite was true. The “Thrift Shop” singer explained, “She came along at a difficult time in my relationship with my wife. My life was falling apart and Cairo gave me and Tricia something to bond over. She gives us unconditional love.”